Sell Annuity Payments

Sell Annuity Payments for Cash

Your annuity can be a great long-term payment stream, but getting your hands on some or all of that money right now could sure make life a lot easier. Singer makes it easy to sell annuity payments and get the money you need now.

We’ll Help You Take Command of Your Money

Are you one of the many Americans with an annuity as an investment vehicle, and are now looking to derive liquidity from that investment, you’ve come to the right place. Singer knows that every annuity owners’ needs are different and we specialize in customized options that provide maximum payouts. Our amazing customer service means that you are supported through the entire process.

We Have Specialized Knowledge and Expertise

Singer Asset Finance Company provides secondary market transfers to individuals that want to sell an annuity to gain access to assets they already own. We are the pioneers in the field of lump sum payouts and an industry leader in buying annuities.  In addition, we have worked with state legislatures to develop laws pertaining to buying and selling annuities and have the expertise to structure your transaction in a way that is consistent with applicable law. Our legal and account professionals will promptly and efficiently handle all of the required documentation for a lump-sum transaction involving lottery winnings or other special asset funding.

As with any major financial decision, you are wise to consult with your attorney, financial advisor or accountant before making a final decision.  Once you are sure that selling annuity payments is right for you, we’re ready to start the process and finalize the transaction for you.

Find Out What Your Annuity is Worth

You can easily find out how much your annuity is worth today by using an annuity payout calculator.  For a more personalized approach, call us for a free, no-obligation appraisal of the current lump sum value of your annuity at 1-800-670-6777. We will structure a quote to meet your specific needs.

Understand the steps for how to get cash for your payments.

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