Do You Have A Client That Could Use A Lump Sum Payment

As an attorney, insurance agent or broker, you may encounter a client that has a payment stream that they wish to convert to a lump sum payment. Singer has a referral program designed for agents and brokers while providing their clients financial flexibility for their future payments.

By referring them to Singer Asset Finance Company, LLC, a leader in the industry, you can earn a referral fee for any transaction we complete with your client. You will be able to offer your clients liquidity for their deferred payment products, such as structured settlementslottery/special asset funding assets or other annuities.

Singer can help you meet your client’s needs for financial flexibility, whether you’re an agent, broker, CPA, attorney, bank representative, securities representative, financial planner, or any other insurance or financial professional. Simply contact us at 1-800-670-6777, and we’ll get the process started today.

Click here to download the information below as a PDF.

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