Singer Provides Cash for Structured Settlements

Get Cash for Your Structured Settlement

At Singer, we’ve exchanged cash for structured settlements for our clients for over 15 years. Before making any decision to convert your structured settlement payments for cash, call Singer for a free appraisal to see what your future payments may be worth. We will review every option with you and discuss the pros and cons so that you are empowered to make an informed decision about how to best leverage your financial asset.

Liquidity and flexibility are not some of the immediate benefits of a structured settlement. The cash is there–somewhere, but it’s locked up within an inflexible asset which requires a legal processes and paperwork. In many cases most of our customers come to an asset funding company such as Singer to access the cash that’s the source of their monthly or yearly settlement installments.

If you determine that selling your structured settlement or annuity for a lump sum payout is the best decision for you, there is a process to complete the conversion. Singer will take care of the process and you can take advantage of our expertise to ensure that the conversion is approved quickly—so you can receive your cash payout as soon as possible.

Convert Your Structured Settlement Payments into Cash

Convert all or just a portion of your future settlement payments to a lump sum of cash. We strive to get you your money faster than anyone else and have worked hard to build the most efficient structured settlement purchasing system in the industry. We can typically provide a cash for structured settlement quote within minutes. Come join our thousands of satisfied customers and follow Singer’s Steps to your cash payout.

Singer’s Steps to Your Cash Payout.

  • Call Singer today. 1-800-670-6777. We listen to your specific needs. There’s no pressure, no obligation, and no charge for your consultation.

  • Choose to convert all or just a portion of your payments to a lump sum of cash. Singer will provide a simple, clear, all inclusive quote. Never any additional fees.

  • Let us be your guide. Singer will help you complete any paperwork, and then we do all the work from there.

  • Upon court approval, Singer will pay you within 3 business days after the insurance company processes the transfer. Then enjoy your new financial freedom!

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