Roy, FL

Roy expands his dream business.

Working with Singer in the past, I remembered how fast how quickly they got my funding for me.

I started a part time business from my home. It’s always been my dream to expand that company and I knew I had my annuity and I thought, you know, I need some extra cash flow to do this. And I remember in the past that I worked with Singer Asset to get that money up front and now so I can use it.

Working with Singer in the past, I remembered how fast, how quickly they got my funding for me. How forthright, honest, and up front they were. I thought, you know what, I’m going to call Singer and see if I can get a little cash. So I gave Singer a call and you guys were absolutely fabulous in making things happen. It actually happened quicker than I thought it would. I had my funding completely done in less than 45 days, which was absolutely amazing.

From the beginning and all the way through to the closing, it was absolutely fabulous. They answered all my questions. They asked me if I had any questions. They told me exactly how the procedure was going to work, what they needed for information to make it happen. Fortunately, because I’ve done business in the past with Singer, they already had my information on file. And again all the time, your sales staff was checking on me, “how are things going, Roy? Do you have any questions?”

There are larger companies out there but Singer made it very easy to work with. The service I think was a lot more personable than what you would get with larger companies.

All along they looked at me as a person and not as a number. Singer staff, all the way from the sales person through the attorneys, to closing, I absolutely felt totally comfortable all the way through.

If I were ever to choose a company to work with, it would be Singer Asset.

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