Shannon, MO

Shannon purchases a new home for her family.

My kids are happy. I’m happy. We have our own space.

I took my funds out to make ends meet because we were struggling paycheck to paycheck. I have three kids and it was hard making ends meet with the economy. The second transaction I took out because we were back to rock bottom again and I was pondering it back and forth for a while. And then I was like, okay can I really get enough out of this to purchase a house outright? And not have to struggle with a house payment and know that we always have a roof over our head.

So I called Singer Asset back and they worked out a deal and made it all happen.

Singer Asset has been there from the get-go for me. I lost my husband recently, well actually today would be 8 years on the day. That’s the reason for the structured settlement. There are four of us, so we needed a bigger space. The girls are teenagers and we just couldn’t do the two bedroom apartment anymore.

So that’s why I called Singer and why I needed a house. Why not do it? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. The house is paid for. We’ve remodeled it. The kitchen we’ve totally redone and the living room we’ve totally redone. The bedrooms have been updated.

Singer Asset is an awesome company to work with. In between my two transactions they called me just to check in to say, “hey how are you doing? Happy holidays! What’s going on, and how are the kids?” With my structured settlement and Singer’s help this has all been possible. My kids are now happy. I’m happy. We have our own space. I would definitely refer someone to Singer Asset.

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